The Wendover Times

Golka investigates Wendover UFO Sighting

By Deeanna Croasmun

Robert  Golka, the scientist who conducted the Tesla project, funded by the U.S. Air Force to create ball lightning in the 70’s and 80’s inside the Enola Gay Hangar, was here in Wendover this week to investigate a UFO sighting from 2006. Golka brought high tech equipment with him to do testing for radiation and various metals.

Golka discovered that his machine showed interesting readings and his GPS wouldn’t work at the location of the sighting, but he said he couldn’t make any conclusions yet. He said he expects to be gathering information from various locations over the next year before making any determinations of his findings.


Prior to coming back to Wendover, he was conducting research in Nebraska with regards to UFO sightings and the science behind the age-old art of dousing for water.


Golka is pictured above in front of the peak where a UFO was spotted for 2.5 hours by several local residents and city officials on April 29th, 2006.